To Live As We Are


                          Sachiko Adachi

                       Most of moden art,
,                         it seems to me,
                  is the idealistic expression of the ego.
              I don't express my personality or ego in these pieces.
                  They are vibrational representations
               as art of the pure essence of the universe,
                   led by the feeling of let it be.
            It is my belief that the universe consists of Art and Science.

Born in Tokyo,June 8,1946
1970.〜1985 Employed as interior designer and color coordinator for The Design Studio
1985 Started activities as a cosmic artist
Nov 1988 Exhibited mobile art at a fashion show for Japan Expo in Los Angeles
Feb 1989 Award−winner at Contemporary Art Expo '89,New York
May 1989 Three-person exhibit,Awajicho Gallery(Tokyo)
Oct 1989 Solo Exhibit,Asacloth Gallery(Tokyo)
May 1990 One-person exhibit,Awajicho Gallery(Tokyo)
Nov 1990 Solo exhibit,Moern(Morioka)
Jan 1991 Solo exhibit,Asacloth Callery(Tokyo)
Oct 1991 Solo exhibit,Kyogaku(Kyoto)
Apr 1992 Solo exhibit,Gallery Fellowship(Gunma)
May 1992 One-person exhibit,Awajicho Gallery(Tokyo)
Jul 1992 Solo exhibit,Jigaro(Okayama)
Sep 1992 Solo exhibit,Saikawa Gallery(Kanazawa)
Nov 1992 Solo exhibit,Gallery Miya(Okinawa)
Nov 1992 Solo exhibit,Ashibi Gallery(Matsuyama)
Jan 1993 Solo exhibit,Tamaya Gallery(Saga)
June 1993 Launching of Gallery Space Sachi(Machida)
June 20,1993 Returned to her star(Taigeta,Pleiades)